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Why is being a mother so difficult?


Hey guys! All right with you? Today I'm here to have a woman-to-woman chat and address the negative aspects of motherhood. Yes, because everything in life has its positive and negative side. There are indeed challenges and difficulties when being a mother, and I will share with you the reality of motherhood, demystifying and deromanticizing this universe.

The Postpartum: A Lonely Period

The first difficulty I faced after the birth of my son was postpartum. There is no Christian in the world who is a mother and does not understand the unique and sometimes lonely feeling of this period. Even with the support of family members, the feeling of loneliness is constant. It is a phase in which we are faced with confused emotions, fears and intense transformation. Postpartum is a scary transition, but over time it becomes more understandable.

Sleep Deprivation: A Challenging Reality

Sleep deprivation, especially for those who value their nights' sleep, is another challenging point. In the first few months, adapting to your baby's fragmented sleep and constant demands can be exhausting. Sleepless nights, tiredness and irritation become part of everyday life, requiring patience and adaptation.

Loss of Freedom of Movement

With the arrival of the baby, freedom of movement is drastically reduced. Going to the bathroom, getting ready, shopping or any other activity becomes a complex task. The baby's constant presence demands continuous attention, impacting the mother's routine.

Difficulties in Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding, often romanticized, is a phase that can present significant challenges. It hurts, hurts and requires intense dedication. Some mothers, even wanting to breastfeed, face difficulties that can lead to giving up. Social demands and pressure can make this phase even more challenging.

Changes in Social Relations

Motherhood can impact social relationships, leading to a loss of connection with friends. Some friendships grow apart, and the mother may feel isolated. The constant need to take care of the baby can make it difficult to maintain more active social relationships.

Impact on Life as a Couple

If you are married or in a relationship, the arrival of the baby significantly changes the couple's dynamics. Privacy decreases, and finding moments for two becomes challenging. The couple's maturity is essential to overcome this phase and maintain mutual understanding.


Despite the challenges and difficulties mentioned, I want to emphasize that I do not regret being a mother one bit. Motherhood is an intense journey, full of ups and downs, but which provides a unique fulfillment. Each challenge faced contributes to personal growth and strengthens the bond with the child. Motherhood, with its difficulties, is an unparalleled experience and, despite everything, I am extremely fulfilled as Lorenzo's mother.

I hope you enjoyed this honest talk about motherhood.


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