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10 cute hairstyles for girls' hair

10 Cute Hairstyles for Girls Hair

If you are a mother, aunt, grandmother or even an older sister, you have certainly had the experience of taking care of a girl's hair. And we know that finding the perfect hairstyle can often be a challenging task. Therefore, in this article we have put together 10 cute and practical hairstyles for girls' hair, which will make them even more charming. Let's go!

Side Braid

The side braid is a classic and versatile hairstyle, perfect for any occasion. To do it, simply part your hair on the side and braid a small section, adding more hair as you go. Finish with a colorful elastic or a charming bow, and your little one will be ready to rock.

Bun with Braid

The braided bun is an elegant and beautiful hairstyle, ideal for more formal occasions. Just braid a section on each side of your head and then gather them into a high bun. Use clips to secure it and, if you want, add a delicate accessory for a special touch.

Ponytail with Twist

The ponytail is a classic, but you can make it more charming with a twist. Divide your hair into two parts, make a ponytail with the top part and then pass the bottom part inside, creating a different and charming effect.

Half Up with Tiara

The half updo with a tiara is a simple and cute hairstyle that will make girls look like a princess. Just separate a strand on each side, twist and secure at the back with a decorated tiara. This look is perfect for parties and special celebrations.

Fishbone Braid

The fishbone braid is a more elaborate option, but the results are incredible. Divide your hair in half and then braid small sections on each side, alternating them until you reach the ends. Secure with an elastic and, if desired, gently pull the sides to make the braid more voluminous.

Hair with Colorful Accessories

A fun way to make girls' hair even cuter is to use colorful accessories. Clips, tic-tacs, bows and headbands with fun and bright details will transform any basic hairstyle into something special and full of personality.

Decorated Cornrows

Another way to innovate your hairstyles is by making decorated braids. In addition to traditional braids, you can add small decorations, such as colored ribbons, pearls, beads and flowers, for a unique and charming look.

Cascade of Curls

If your little one has curly hair, a wonderful idea is to make a cascade of curls. Just separate the top part of your hair and pin it, leaving the curls loose at the bottom. This hairstyle highlights the natural beauty of your curls and is perfect for special occasions.

Hairstyle with Spiral Rubber Bands

Spiral elastics are perfect for creating fun and different hairstyles. Simply separate your hair into small sections and secure each one with a spiral elastic, creating a modern and charming look.

Crown of Braids

Finally, the braided crown is a beautiful and delicate hairstyle that will make any girl feel like a princess. Braid two strands on each side of your head and then cross them, securing with clips at the back. Add a special touch with some flowers or bows.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to create cute and special hairstyles for the girls you love. Remember that, above all, the most important thing is that they feel beautiful and comfortable with their hair. After all, each hairstyle is a unique expression of your personality.


Hairstyles for girls' hair are a charming way to create special moments and strengthen emotional bonds. With a touch of creativity and care, it is possible to transform little ones' hair into true works of art, celebrating each one's beauty and individuality.


1. What is the ideal age to start giving girls elaborate hairstyles?
There is no right age, the most important thing is to respect the child's will and patience. Start with simple hairstyles and progress as she feels comfortable.

2. How to take care of girls' hair in a healthy way?
Wash hair with products appropriate to the child's age and avoid excessive use of heat and chemicals. Moisturize whenever necessary and keep your ends trimmed.

3. Can very elaborate hairstyles be harmful to girls' hair?
As long as they are done with care and delicacy, the hairstyles do not pose any risks to the girls' hair. Remember to always use light accessories and avoid tying your hair tightly.

4. What are the best accessories for girls' hairstyles?
Bows, tiaras, barrettes, colorful elastics and decorated accessories are great options to complement children's hairstyles, bringing lightness and fun.

5. How to keep hairstyles in place longer?
Use mild hairsprays and, when necessary, secure your hair with discreet clips. Avoid very tight hairstyles, which can cause discomfort for the child.


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