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Black Decorated Nail Trends for 2021

Black Decorated Nail Trends for 2021: Discover the Best Ideas to Rock!

Decorated nails have always been an incredible way to express personality and style, and in 2021 black nails are more popular than ever! If you love being on top of trends and love a bold and elegant look, you're in the right place. In this article, we will explore the best black nail art ideas for you to rock in 2021. So, get ready to be inspired and rock incredible nails full of personality. Let's go!

Black nails with gold details: The classic that never goes out of style

One of the strongest trends for black nails in 2021 are gold details. This combination creates an elegant and sophisticated look, perfect for special occasions or for those who love a touch of luxury on their nails. You can opt for black nail polish with gold glitter, geometric designs in gold on black nail polish, or even opt for nail art in gold on a black base. The contrast of black and gold is a sure bet for those who want chic and current nails.

Matte nails with glossy black details: The trending game of textures

Another trend that promises to be big in 2021 are matte nails with shiny black details. The contrast of textures gives a modern and stylish look, perfect for those who like to dare with elegance. You can opt for matte nail polishes with glossy black details, like French nails or nail art, or opt for completely matte nails with just a glossy black detail. One tip is to invest in a good base for matte nails, to ensure a flawless finish.

Black nails with stone applications: Luxury at your fingertips

If you love glamorous nails, stone applications are the perfect trend for you. In 2021, black nails with stones are super popular, and come in different versions: from delicate and discreet applications to more daring and shiny options. You can opt for rhinestones, crystals, or other types of stones to give a special touch to your black nails. The stones can be applied to all nails, just one of them, or even be used to create unique designs and nail arts.

Black nails with minimalist designs: The elegance of subtle details

For those who love decorated nails, but prefer a cleaner and more minimalist look, minimalist designs in black are the right bet. In 2021, delicate and subtle designs in black are super popular, and are ideal for those who want modern and discreet nails. You can opt for geometric designs, fine lines, dots, or even opt for abstract nail arts in black. The versatility of minimalist designs allows you to create unique decorated nails full of personality.

Final considerations

The black nail trends for 2021 are full of incredible options for those who love nails full of style and personality. From gold details to stone applications, there is a variety of ideas for all tastes and styles. The important thing is to allow yourself to experiment and have fun with the possibilities that decorated nails offer. After all, nails are an extension of our personality, and deserve to be treated with creativity and love.

I hope this article has inspired you to try new black nail art ideas in 2021. Be sure to check out the trends and opt for the one that suits you best. And remember: the most important thing is to feel good and confident with your nails. Now it's time to put your creativity into practice and rock amazing nails!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the best way to do black nails at home?
A: To do black nails at home, the ideal is to prepare your nails with a good base, apply the black nail polish carefully and patiently, and finish with a good top coat to ensure durability.

2. How can I keep my black nails impeccable for longer?
A: To keep your black nails looking flawless for longer, avoid activities that could damage the nail polish, such as washing dishes without gloves, and touch up with the same nail polish when necessary.

3. Black nails suit all skin types?
A: Yes, black nails suit all skin tones, just find the shade of black that suits you best and feel confident with your nails.

4. What can I do to give my black nails a special touch?
A: You can give a special touch to your black nails by adding gold details, stones, or opting for minimalist nail art in black.

5. Are there any color combinations that look amazing with black nails?
A: Yes, shades of gold, silver, white and red are some options that look incredible when combined with black nails. Use your creativity and try different combinations!

Take advantage of the boldness of black decorated nails and rock it with lots of style and personality!

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