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Complete Guide: How to Buy on Shein Without Being Taxed

Complete Guide: How to Buy on Shein Without Being Taxed


If you're passionate about fashion and love finding incredible pieces at affordable prices, you've definitely heard of Shein. This popular online store offers a wide variety of clothes, accessories and shoes that follow the latest fashion trends. However, one of the concerns of those who want to buy from Shein is the possibility of being taxed at customs, which can make the purchase more expensive and cause inconvenience. In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to buy from Shein without being charged, avoiding headaches and ensuring a smooth and economical shopping experience.

Why Taxation Happens

Before we get into tips on how to avoid taxes when buying from Shein, it's important to understand why this can happen. Imported products are subject to customs taxation, which is determined by the value of the merchandise and the country's specific rules. In the case of Brazil, international purchases over 50 dollars are subject to customs taxation, which can mean a considerable increase in the final purchase value.

Tips to Avoid Taxation

Now that we understand the reason for the taxation, let's look at tips to avoid this inconvenience when purchasing from Shein.

Know the Exemption Limits

In Brazil, purchases made on foreign websites worth up to 50 dollars are tax exempt. Therefore, when making your purchases at Shein, pay attention to the total order value, always trying to stay within this limit to avoid taxes.

Shop in Small Batch

A great strategy to avoid taxes when purchasing from Shein is to place orders in small batches, dividing your purchases into amounts less than 50 dollars. This way, you will be within the exemption limits and significantly reduce the chances of being taxed at customs.

Choose the Appropriate Shipping

In addition to the value of the products, the cost of shipping can also influence customs taxes. Opt for shipping methods that offer less chance of being stopped at customs, such as faster shipping or courier services, which tend to be less targeted by customs authorities.

Use Order Redirectors

Another smart strategy to reduce the chance of being taxed when purchasing from Shein is to use order redirection services. With them, you can send your purchases to an address in the United States or another country where taxes are lower, and then receive the products in Brazil in a safe and more economical way.

Related Terms and Conclusion

There's nothing worse than being faced with an unpleasant surprise in the form of a customs fee when you receive a package from Shein. With these tips, you can make your purchases more consciously and avoid being taxed at customs. Remember to always research before making your purchases and choose the strategies that best suit your situation.

Now that you have all this information, there is no reason to feel afraid when purchasing from Shein. Follow these tips and enjoy the latest fashion trends without stress or extra expenses!

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