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Everything you need to know about red gel polish

Everything you need to know about red gel polish

Red gel polish is a manicure technique that has gained more and more space in beauty salons and among women who want perfect nails for longer. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about this technique, from the application process to the care needed to keep your nails impeccable. Keep reading and discover how to get stunning red nails with gel polish.

What is red gel polish?

Red gel polish is a manicure technique that uses a special gel polish, which is cured under LED or UV light. This causes the enamel to dry instantly, providing much greater durability compared to conventional enamels. In addition, your nails remain intensely shiny and vibrant in color for weeks.

Application step by step

The red gel polish process begins with nail preparation, which includes removing the cuticles and sanding the surface. Then a thin layer of base coat is applied and cured under LED or UV light. After this, two layers of red gel polish are applied, with proper drying between each layer. Finally, a top coat is applied to seal the enamel and provide a long-lasting shine.

Care and maintenance

Despite the durability of red gel polish, it is important to take some care to ensure that your nails remain beautiful for longer. Avoid direct contact with chemicals such as bleach and acetone-based nail polish removers, as they can damage gel polish. Furthermore, it is recommended to moisturize your cuticles regularly and avoid biting your nails, as this can compromise the durability of your nail polish.

Removing gel nail polish

Removing red gel polish should be done by a professional to avoid damaging your natural nails. The process involves applying acetone to cotton wool on the nails, which is then wrapped in aluminum foil. After a few minutes, the gel polish can be easily removed without harming your natural nails.


Red gel polish is an excellent option for those who want impeccable nails with an intense color for longer. However, it is essential to follow the necessary care and carry out adequate maintenance to ensure that your nails remain healthy and beautiful. With the right technique and proper care, you'll be able to enjoy stunning red nails for weeks on end.

FAQs about red gel polish

1. How long does red gel polish last?
– Red gel polish can last two to three weeks, depending on care and nail growth.

2. Is red gel polish harmful to natural nails?
– When done correctly and removed by the appropriate professional, red gel polish does not harm natural nails.

3. Is it possible to do red gel nail polish at home?
– Although it is possible, it is recommended that red gel polish is done by a professional, in order to guarantee the best results and avoid damage to the nails.

4. Do natural nails need to breathe after red gel polish?
– Nails do not need to “breathe”, but it is important to carry out correct maintenance and avoid the constant application of gel polish to maintain nail health.

5. Is it possible to apply red gel polish to short nails?
– Yes, red gel polish can be done on short nails, providing a beautiful and long-lasting finish.


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