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Guidelines for creating a food introduction menu at 6 months


Putting together a food introduction menu at 6 months may seem challenging, but it is an important stage in the baby's development. At this stage, it is crucial to offer adequate food to ensure that the baby receives all the nutrients necessary for its growth and development. In this article, we will cover the main guidelines for creating a food introduction menu at 6 months, taking into account the baby's nutritional needs.

Importance of introducing food at 6 months

The introduction of food is a crucial phase in a baby's development, as it is at this point that he begins to experience new flavors and textures. Furthermore, introducing food at 6 months is also important to meet the demand for essential nutrients, such as iron, zinc and vitamins, which breast milk or formula alone cannot provide in sufficient quantities. Therefore, it is essential to offer a variety of foods to ensure a balanced and healthy diet.

Guidelines for putting together the menu

1. Start with porridge and purees: When starting food introduction at 6 months, it is recommended to start with porridge and purees of fruits, vegetables and cereals. These foods must be mashed or processed so that they reach a consistency suitable for the baby's digestion.

2. Gradual introduction of new foods: As your baby gets used to solid foods, it is important to gradually introduce new foods, such as meat, fish, eggs and legumes. This diversification helps ensure the supply of varied nutrients.

3. Pay attention to food allergies: During food introduction, it is essential to be aware of possible food allergies. To avoid adverse reactions, it is recommended to introduce one new food at a time, waiting a few days to observe possible allergy symptoms.

4. Times and quantities: The introduction of food does not replace feedings, which should continue to be offered normally. Meal times may vary according to the baby's routine, but it is important to offer small amounts of solid foods, avoiding forcing food intake.

5. Encouragement to chew: As the baby develops, it is recommended to offer foods with more consistent textures, stimulating chewing and the development of oral muscles.


Putting together a food introduction menu at 6 months requires attention and care, aiming to offer a balanced and appropriate diet for the baby in this transition phase. It is important to remember that each baby has their own needs and preferences, so it is essential to observe the child's reactions and behavior during the introduction of food.


1. What are the most recommended foods for introducing food at 6 months?
The most recommended foods at this stage are fruit porridge, vegetable purees and cereals.

2. How to identify possible food allergies during food introduction?
It is important to closely observe any adverse reactions, such as redness, itching, diarrhea or vomiting, after introducing a new food.

3. What foods should be avoided during food introduction?
Foods with high allergenic potential, such as honey, raw eggs and seafood, should be avoided until the baby is 1 year old.

4. How important is it to offer a variety of foods during food introduction at 6 months?
Offering a variety of foods helps ensure the intake of varied nutrients, promoting healthy development.

5. How long should I continue breastfeeding in conjunction with the introduction of food?
Breastfeeding should be continued until at least 1 year of age, as breast milk continues to be an important source of nutrients for the baby.


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