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The importance of starting the day with the presence of God

The Importance of Starting the Day with the Presence of God

Have you ever stopped to think about how important it is to start the day with the presence of God? Many people have the habit of waking up and immediately checking social media, emails or turning on the television. However, making time for spirituality early in the morning can make all the difference in how the day unfolds.

The Power of Gratitude to Start the Day

By waking up and dedicating the first moments of the day to the presence of God, we are expressing our gratitude for life and for another day given to us. Gratitude is a powerful feeling that opens the door to more blessings and positivity in our lives. By recognizing the divine presence and being grateful for another day of life, we are bringing a positive energy that will accompany us throughout the day.

The Importance of Reflection and Meditation

Starting the day with the presence of God also means setting aside time for reflection and meditation. By silencing the mind and connecting with the divine, we are finding inner peace and mental clarity. This allows us to start the day with a more balanced state of mind, prepared to deal with challenges and obstacles that may arise.

The Positive Influence on Decisions and Attitudes

When we start the day with the presence of God, we are seeking divine guidance and direction for our decisions and attitudes throughout the day. This spiritual connection helps us make wiser decisions and act in more compassionate and loving ways, both towards ourselves and others. The presence of God strengthens us, bringing discernment and wisdom to face everyday situations.

No matter what your religion or belief, making time for spirituality at the start of your day can bring countless benefits to your life. It is a time of connection, gratitude, reflection and seeking divine guidance. And remember, God's presence is everywhere and in every moment, but setting aside specific time to be aware of it as you start your day can make all the difference.


Taking a moment to be with God when starting the day is like preparing fertile soil to plant seeds of love, peace and gratitude. This spiritual connection strengthens us, guides us and prepares us to face adversity with serenity and confidence. No matter how you choose to connect with the divine, the important thing is to prioritize this presence in your morning routine, reaping the fruits of harmony and balance throughout the day.


1. How can I begin to include God's presence in my morning routine?
2. When is the best time to reserve a moment of spirituality when starting the day?
3. Is there a specific practice I can adopt to connect with God's presence in the morning?
4. What difference can God’s presence make in my daily life?
5. Can I include other spiritual practices along with the presence of God when starting the day?

I hope this article has inspired you to reconsider the importance of starting your day with the presence of God. Always remember to make time for spirituality and divine connection, as this can make all the difference in your journey. God's presence is always available, waiting to guide and strengthen you in every moment of your life.


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