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Where to Buy Beauty Products on Black Friday?

Hi guys, how are you? We're back for another video, and we officially start our series dedicated to Black Friday. I know a lot of people were going crazy, thinking we weren't going to write, but here we are!

So, in this series of posts, I spent a lot of time researching the best prices, the best stores and the best promotions for Black Friday 2023. This year, it promises to be incredible.


Amazon is a reliable option, but pay attention to the seller of the product. Check if it is sold and delivered by Amazon or a trusted store to ensure originality. The company usually has good promotions, especially for products from renowned brands. If you have a Prime subscription, everything gets even better!

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Amazon Highlights

  • Be careful with products sold by third parties.
  • Good promotions, especially on renowned brands.

She uses

The first store I bring to you is Ela Usa. A wonderful store that ran many promotions throughout the year, especially on Instagram lives. I recommend following the store's profile on Instagram, because when they go live, product prices plummet. This year we had Thérapist for R$ 90 and Extreme for R$ 76. The store is worth keeping an eye on, but remember that free shipping is only above R$ 90, which can be a negative point. Access: She uses.

Highlights of Ela Usa

  • Live on Instagram with incredible prices.
  • Discount coupon: NAVEL10 (10% off on any purchase).
  • 10% additional discount for payment via Pix.
  • Delivery by courier a little slow, but reliable.
  • Free shipping over R$ 90.

I love beauty

Another store that stood out in 2023 was Amo Beleza. With just a few years of existence, it has already gained the public's trust. The store ran many promotions throughout the year, and is known for always having discount coupons. Stay tuned, as products may drop in price, especially in October. Access: Amobeleza.

Amo Beleza Highlights

  • Frequent discount coupons.
  • Products drop in price, especially in October.
  • Check if the store is authorized by contacting the brand's SAC.

Beauty on the Web

Beleza na Web, a veteran in the market, did not have bombastic promotions in 2023, but offers discounts and original products. Delivery has improved significantly, and the store is reliable. It's worth keeping an eye on promotions, especially for Kerastase products. Access: Beauty on the Web.

Highlights of Beauty on the Web

  • Free shipping over R$ 99.
  • Delivery by fast and efficient courier.
  • Good promotions, especially for Kerastase products.

Época Cosméticos

Época Cosméticos, despite some recent complaints about deliveries, is a reliable store. Pay attention to free shipping, which is not valid for all regions at the moment. It may be a good idea to wait for deliveries to be regularized before making new purchases. Access: Época Cosméticos.

Highlights of Época Cosméticos

  • Promotions in October during the store's anniversary.
  • Some recent complaints about deliveries.
  • It is worth waiting for deliveries to be regularized.


Sephora is a store that often goes unnoticed, but it often drops prices on Black Friday, especially for Kerastase and L'Oréal products. Keep an eye out for promotions and products on offer. Access: Sephora.

Sephora Highlights

  • More affordable prices on Black Friday.
  • Promotions for Kerastase and L'Oréal products.

Salon Secrets

Finally, we have the Segredos de Salão website, the official website of the L'Oréal group in Brazil. After problems in the past, the team was changed, and L'Oréal now manages the site. Keep an eye on promotions, as they usually have good discounts. Access: Salon Secrets.

Salon Secrets Highlights

  • Official website of the L'Oréal group.
  • Free shipping on purchases of any amount.
  • Good promotions and giveaways.


I hope our research can be useful to you guys! Always remember to buy responsibly and keep an eye on your invoice, okay? If you find an offer, share it with us in the comments!


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