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The Challenges of Motherhood and How to Face Them

Not all women experience a complicated pregnancy period. What differentiates one woman who is going to experience a difficult period from another? In addition to the obvious factors such as formation problems, there are psychological and dynamic difficulties that make a pregnancy challenging.

Desired and Planned Pregnancy: A Great Impact

To begin with, whether the pregnancy is desired or planned makes all the difference. If a woman had no plans to become a mother and suddenly becomes pregnant, the pregnancy will be more difficult than for those who planned this moment. The environment in which the woman is inserted during pregnancy is also crucial. Validation of pregnancy, even before the belly appears, is essential.

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The Loneliness of Motherhood and the Importance of the Support Network

Motherhood is a lonely experience, and women don't always have a support network. The care and attention given to a pregnant woman may vary depending on the stage of pregnancy. Validation of pregnancy often takes a long time to arrive, and some women face difficulties in accepting their own pregnancy.

Resistance in Facing the Challenges of Motherhood

Many women resist facing the challenges of motherhood. Idealizing a perfect scenario can lead to neglecting the physical and psychological changes that occur during pregnancy and postpartum. A lack of preparation to deal with transformations and challenges can result in emotional difficulties.

Postpartum Hormonal Challenges

The postpartum period is considered the time of greatest psychiatric risk for women. Hormonal fluctuations, especially the abrupt drop in estrogen, can trigger mood disorders. The significant increase in this hormone during pregnancy serves as a neuroprotector, providing a feeling of happiness, which contrasts with the sudden changes after childbirth.

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The Importance of Psychiatric and Psychological Monitoring

For women with a history of mental disorders, such as bipolar disorder, planning during pregnancy and postpartum is crucial. Psychiatric and psychological monitoring is necessary to assess the need for medication. Resistance to medication use due to myths about breastfeeding can harm a mother's mental health.

Addressing Challenges with Adequate Planning and Support

It is essential that women have adequate planning to deal with the emotional and hormonal challenges during motherhood. Support from a support network, understanding the changes and seeking professional help are essential steps to getting through this period with quality.

In short, being a mother involves challenges that go beyond preparing the layette and the nursery. It is necessary to face physical and emotional transformations with transparency, seeking professional support and building a solid support network. Motherhood is a unique journey, and facing the challenges with planning can contribute to a healthier and more satisfying experience.


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